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The Next-TFEStar Search, Meet The Finalist

By tfe on August 22, 2022 in TFE News & Update

Meet the finalist for The Next TFE-Star search. The search is seeking new artists to be signed under The Future Entertainment Management.
The Finalist Are

To vote for your favorite contestant, visit the voting portal HERE

The future entertainment foundation is unveiling

By tfe on February 27, 2020 in General News & Update, TFE News & Update

The future entertainment foundation is unveiling in Jos plateau state, Nigeria this February 28th at the 18th Street Lounge after the national library in Jos

#TFEFoundation has a strong vision to ensure that the power of music is made practical in the lives of pupils in schools and people in communities. It seeks to utilize the power of music to educate, innovate, inspire, heal, transform and empower the next generation.

The event will also feature The Future Entertainment Foundation Recognition Award which seeks, recognize and ward the following category of people

  1. Songwriters who have written great songs have made a positive impact on society.
  2. Music philanthropist: those who are providing financial support for the development of music
  3. Music innovators: those who are pioneering new technologies for the advancement of music education or arts.

The guest speaker for the event is Dr. Musa Makuh (HOD Music Department University of Jos)

EVENT: The unveiling of The Future Entertainment Foundation
DATE: Friday 28th February 2020
VENUE: 18th Street Lounge after National Library Jos
TIME: 11 AM Prompt

Be Our Guest!

To find out more about the foundation and how you can get involved visit

The Listening Sessions for SARKIN KATI great success

By tfe on July 25, 2018 in TFE News & Update

The Listening Sessions for SARKIN KATI, the mixtape, held yesterday  at The Future Entertainment HQ and it was mad fun. We had friends, professionals, Artiste, Producers, Record Label Executives, DJ’s and fans from Jos and beyond at the event to hear the work (music) made by #TFESTAR V’zar for his upcoming Mixtape. Its was really a long listening with the playlist of over 30 songs yet, the atmosphere was electrifying without a doll moment.

The feedback as awesome as many express complete satisfaction with the work done from the production, song arrangement, hooks, flows, punchlines, and delivery …”we can’t wait to have the project release!” . The project will be release in September 2018 and we can’t wait for it.

We at The Future Entertainment will like to thank everyone who can and all who supported this project.


Sarkin Kati – The Mixtape (Listening Session)

By tfe on July 18, 2018 in TFE News & Update

The wait is almost over for the mix-tape everyone has been anticipating “SARKIN KATI – poetry over collage” by V’zar. The compilation sure features some of your favorite singles like Kati, Superstar, Push, Magana, Ban Son Sani… and now its time for you to add more tracks to that list. Join the Future Entertainment team at the listening session, over light refreshment, to hear all the songs recorded and chose which songs should be added to the list.

The mixtape features sound samples from documentary’s, pop music, hiphop, movies, and animations with great production from the usual suspects from The Future Entertainment and Friends.

Makes plans to attend any of the sessions

DATE: Tuesday 24th July 2018

TIME: 1st Session 10AM 2nd Session 1PM 3rd Session 4pm (prompt)

Side attraction: Free Photoshoot, Free Coffee 



This Is Our Story – #PlateauLivesMatters

By tfe on June 28, 2018 in TFE News & Update

In the wake of the lingering violence and senseless killing of innocent people on the plateau, #tfestar Morgan Azi teamed up with several concerned artists from Jos to tell the world the true story and situation of the current happenings in Plateau State, Nigeria. This song “This is Our Story” (plateau lives matters) hope to bring healing to families of victims and advocate for peace among citizens of Plateau State in particular and Nigerians at large.

Proudly brought to you by The Future Entertainment Foundation (

Download here

Don’t forget to share….. lyrics below 

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VERSE: Plateau my home, Is under siege by invaders

Bandits and criminals, Have taken over our land

Generation’s destroyed in an instant, The victim is now the villain

For how long shall we die is silence, And pretend it’s all good

While our brethren cannot sleep at night, Terrified at the break of dawn

They run to bush run to the mountain, Seeking for safety but all they get is terror

REFRAIN: This is our story – This is our sad story

CHORUS: Our lives matter  (Rest in peace to the lives that we lost y’all)

Our lives matter  (Condemn the Killers, not just the killings bruh)

Plateau lives matter  (Enough with all the killings y’all we just want peace)

Our lives matter



The land we know as the Plateau now feels like a valley/

One live equals one cattle, that equation doesn’t talley

This is genocide/ Stop the talk and put the pen aside/

Do the right thing and pick a better side/

Save lives or loose more, please decide/

Pastor pass the message ‘bout the Prophet Nehemiah tonight/

Teach us to build with one hand and defend with another tonight/

Enough is enough with the chit-chatter/

The world’s gotta know our lives matter/

All these prayers need answers/

Plateau feels like a bad bladder, no peace (no piss)

Do the right


VERSE: So much pain in our hearts, Too much blood flowing through this land, Plateau,

We cannot go to school, we cannot go to our farms raging wind of terror blowing through this land

We spend our nights away and cry all day, How did we get here

It’s enough

The fightings and killings the hatred division

It’s enough

Persecution increasing, Genocide in our land

REFRAIN: This is our story – This is our sad story

CHORUS: Our lives matter 2x

Plateau lives matter

Our lives matter

(We pray for a better story)

Our lives matter 2x

Plateau lives matter

Our lives matter

(We pray for a better story)


Outro…I’m a plateau child I love plateau and my life matter

Featured Artist

Morgan Azi, Gloria Ejembi, Abeedebee, Patricia, V’zar, Femi Coker, Kefas Sabo. Gyang Sele, Peter Sani, Ebenezer Caleb, Marphy, Bliss Ejembi

TRANSFIGURED (Single) Feat. Mauriz, Blublood, Storm Taddy, Twally, Max Wuyah

TRANSFIGURED (Single) Feat. Mauriz, Blublood, Storm Taddy, Twally, Max Wuyah

By tfe on April 21, 2018 in TFE News & Update

And then we had a Transfiguration as our Savior did. This is an inspirational track by some of Jtowns finest Mauriz, Blublood, Storm, Twally and #TFESTAR Max Wuyah. The collaboration was pioneered by StageFix Entertainment and supported by The Future Entertainment. Enjoy it!
Listen to the song below and don’t forget share!

Download It here

SOLOMON INUSA NYIMLO – THE FUTURE ENTERTAINMENT is a confirmed impact maker on the Plateau with an IMPACT MAKERS AWARD

By tfe on April 11, 2018 in TFE News & Update

Check out this Personal Interview as he talks about his role as a leader and his life as an impact maker in Plateau State.
Watch Short video below….

We are determined to Recognise , promote and market those who have been found exceptional in their field and endeavour , we will give a maximum Local, National and international publicity to those who win our awards as we have a firm grip on the Media, we will perform the WHO is WHO Awards®©”.programme in almost every state in Nigeria starting with plateau state. We hereby present to you, the award of all awards , The most anticipated event in every city , WHO is WHO Awards®©”.

More information 09060808088 –

15th April, 2018. – Impact Makers Dinner and Assembly Of Nobles 2018 at Mees Palace Event Centre Jos, Plateau State