Audio Production

We specialize in creating great musical sound… knowing that every great song that has endured time did not compromise quality in production, writing and arrangement. These we ensure to help our clients reach their fans and ultimately the top of the chat

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Sound Mixing/Mastering

Having your music Professionally Mixed and Mastered is the first and most important step needed to succeed in the music industry. A Professionally Mixed & Mastered recording will make sure your song sounds its absolute best and has the potential to become the next big hit. If you want to succeed you need #TFEMIX

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Music Training

Everybody can be a complete musician. No matter your age, you can always learn. Some will take longer than others but persistence will rule over natural talent. At TFE-Music Training, we provide all the tools needed to develop those skills that will make easier tackling the study of any musical instrument and vocal works. #Bass #Drums #Keyboard #Piano #Vocal Training and etc

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Artist Management

We acts as manager(s) thus; we become the mouthpiece of our client(s) and become their greatest ally. Our job is making sure that everyone who is involved in the career of our client(s) is doing their job. We work hard to grow, develop, and promote our client(s) successes.

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Vocal Training

Discover How to Unlock the Singing Potential in Your Voice – Learn How to Effortlessly Belt Out Notes On Demand, Go from a Soft Whisper to a Powerful Clear Tone, Be Able to Sing Night After Night Without Getting Tired & Hit Your High Notes Perfectly Every Time – Without Straining!" No matter where your voice is right now, you can start to develop a voice that sounds just like the pros - And we are here to help.

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Learn Music Production

At TFE Training you will learn how to record and produce music. Its a practical class on digital audio workstations (DAWs), live and home recording, post-production, and more. Our expert training will show you how to make a beat, mix a song, use software instruments, and create music with multitrack recording software.

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